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Some of Cheryl's Keynotes
Ripples of Encouragement™: A Keynote in Concert Like a stone in the water, our words and actions often have a far-reaching ripple effect. Weaving original songs, humor and stories from her book Ripples of Joy, Cheryl presents a message of hope, joy and inspiration, reminding listeners that we each have the privilege of positively affecting others. Cheryl customizes each presentation for the audience. Often requested for Volunteer and Staff Appreciation Banquets, Women's Events, Educational and Wellness events, Conference Kick-offs and Wrap-ups.

Jelly Side Down and Sunny Side Up: Gain perspective instead of losing your mind! She offers practical stress-management techniques, blended with humorous parodies which poke fun at everyday nuisances, like her crowd-pleasing song, Desserts is Stressed spelled Backwards. As the proverb says,  "A cheerful heart is good medicine," so Cheryl encourages listeners to celebrate life!

It's Your Song: With a focus on personal responsibility, goal-identification, and a good dose of common sense, Cheryl encourages participants to identify, develop and share their unique talents. Audiences are challenged and inspired by the music and message.

Moving Ahead ...Without Leaving Your Life Behind: Are you so busy juggling responsibilities that you feel like you don't have a life? Thoughtful insight on choosing priorities, creating and maintaining balance, and living effectively.

Holidays and special events: Cheryl's original songs and customized presentations make special occasions memorable!

Some of Cheryl's Workshops
The Personality Puzzle: Getting along with coworkers is an increasingly impor- tant skill. A survey of the top three traits employers preferred in employees revealed that 84% chose good interpersonal skills as their top pick, over education and experience! (Executive Magazine)

A Certified Personality Trainer, Cheryl shows how to identify the basic personality types in this informative and fast-paced workshop. She offers tools to bring out the best in one's self and others. Participants learn how to appreciate the uniqueness and value of each "personality puzzle piece", so they can work effectively and in greater harmony with others, creating a more productive environment. The information can be applied to improve personal as well as professional relationships.

"The Personality Puzzle" is of high interest, because just about everyone wants to learn more about themselves and others!
(A half-day or full-day workshop, minimum 1 1/2 hours)

Join the Circle! Are you so busy juggling responsibilities that you feel like you don't have a life? Studies of people who live long, productive lives reveal that they share some common traits which promote balance and health. In this fast-paced workshop, Cheryl Kirking encourages us to join this circle of folks, and to develop these traits in our own lives, to promote health in ourselves and in our relationships. You'll get a good dose laughter, along with thoughtful insight on choosing priorities, enhancing creativity, maintaining balance and living effectively.

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